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Betacowork was één van de eerste coworkings in Brussel in 2010. Deze coworking werd een succes dankzij de oprichter Ramon Suarez (zie Handboek hier) binnen het ecosysteem van het ICAB, een tech-incubator in Etterbeek. Toolboxmeeting veiligheid

De kracht van de Betacowork ligt bij de community van ondernemers, freelancers en ook werknemers die professioneel samenwerken in een gemoedelijke sfeer.In 2017 hebben de aandeelhouders en voormalige co-workers Eric Rodriguez, Erik De Herdt en Toon Vanagt samen met de nieuwe community manager Bénédicte Duhaut een nieuwe identiteit ontwikkeld: #GrowingTogether. Toolboxmeeting veiligheid

Coworken bij Betacowork is veel méér dan gewoon naast elkaar zitten. Het is samen werken én groeien.Alles draait om connectie, interactie en samenwerking binnen een inspirerende en professionele gemeenschap.

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Je vindt hier de plaatsen waar je kunt coworken in Brussel. … Je kunt coworking dus niet zomaar in een vakje steken of de gedeelde werkplekken indelen …

Coworking, wat is dat?

Deze nieuwe manier van werken omvat eigenlijk twee begrippen: werkplekdelen en het uitbouwen van een ‘natuurlijk’ netwerk van digitale nomaden, die ideeën willen uitwisselen en dus willen werken op basis van cocreatie. Voor anderen is het gewoon een manier om de eentonigheid van telewerken te doorbreken.

Je kunt coworking dus niet zomaar in een vakje steken of de gedeelde werkplekken indelen volgens welbepaalde criteria. Elke locatie is door de bedenkers uitgedacht naar aanleiding van heel uiteenlopende behoeften en stijlen, van wat luxueuzer tot heel origineel of apart. De coworkinglocaties kunnen enerzijds beantwoorden aan een behoefte aan gezelligheid – een café, een wifiverbinding en een ontspannen werksfeer, maar evengoed aan meer technische behoeften – geavanceerde bureaus, een vergaderzaal, printer, catering, evenementenruimte, enz.

Top Coworking Spaces in Brussels, Belgium –

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Overview of the 10 best co-working spaces in Brussels | EU-Startups

Brussels, the European mecca for delicious chocolate and tasty beer, is also a melting pot of cultures and people. With many multinational companies and professionals choosing this city as their headquarter and homebase, no wonder Brussels has turned into a thriving startup hub with cozy, multifunctional co-working spaces where entrepreneurs of all breeds can find a professional home. Here are 10 of Brussels best co-working spaces:

Beta Cowork – Backed by BetaGroup and located at the ICAB Business & Technology Incubator, Beta Cowork is the biggest and largest running co-working space in Brussels. Members are freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and teleworkers, who are offered 24/7 access to great premises cleaned daily, meeting rooms and events space. With mission to connect and increase the potential of collaboration, Beta Cowork offers excellent networking opportunities and possibility for business growth. Free one-day trial. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €295 to €400.

The Mug – Located in a typical Brussels house with friendly atmosphere and vibrant event space, The Mug is a co-working space with 24/7 access to workspaces on two floors, wi-fi, meeting rooms and unlimited amount of coffee and tea. The Mug has evolved into a working home for 50+ professionals in journalism, communication, food sector, NGOs, law, European startups, and more. If you want to get away from the city, the Mug offers the same services at another location in the countryside. Cost: Monthly package is available for €160.

Les Galleries – Located in the historical part of Brussels, in the prestigious setting of the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Les Galleries is a co-working area and an art space, where you can find an exceptional work environment, a vibrant event agenda and countless networking opportunities. With focus on women entrepreneurship and intense collaboration with artists, Les Galleries’ community is quite inspirational and in line with their event agenda consisting of art exhibitions, presentations, seminars and conventions. Cost: Monthly package is available for €150.

Factory Forty – Located in an industrial complex in the Forest district, Factory Forty is selected as their go-to place to get some work done by designers, producers, architects, watchmakers, stylists and a whole bunch of other creative people. This large co-working space comprises 1200 sq meters of open-plan areas, private offices, meeting rooms and event space, all designed around a large garden. Offering spacious and bright environment, full amenities and business opportunities. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €70 to €280.

The Library – Spread out in three locations in Brussels, The Library’s community and its diversity is what is considered “the best part of The Library”: a network not only connecting high profiles in diplomacy, law, translation and think thanks but also young startups with a focus on design and art. The Library’s members can choose between co-working spaces, private offices and meeting rooms, decorated in a cozy, Nordic style with design icons and antiques. For the sunny days there is a garden complimented with homemade cakes. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €245 to €430.

Bon jour – Literally wishing a good day, Bon jour Brussels offers white and open space, comfortable workstation in the common area, wi-fi, unlimited coffee, tea, snacks, office printer/scanner, and access to meeting rooms and kitchenette. In addition, members have access to a creative room, book library and relaxing mezzanine. Very interesting event agenda including cooking workshops, networking drinks, inspiring talks and even concerts. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €180 to €330.

La venture – Home of a community of independent creative professionals, photographers, videographers, art directors and graphic designers, La venture is a co-working space and a photo studio in one. Members can choose from open studio or private offices, but all have access to kitchen, on-site cafe/restaurant, lounge/chill-out area, outdoor terrace, Skype room, and events and trainings taking place there. Cost: Monthly package is available for €250.

Re:creative – Situated inside the Aloft Hotel in Brussels, Re:creative is a co-working space equipped with giant TV screen, cool technology, modular tables and premium wi-fi. Guests are offered snacks twice per day, in addition to the unlimited amount of coffee and tea. Access to daily newspapers & magazines and print /scan/copy services is provided as well as access to re:charge fitness gym. Available for one day free trial. Cost: 10 day pass is available for €120.

Transforma bxl – Transforma is a thriving community of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers and is a regular host of workshops, talks and trainings. It offers two floors of stimulating office environment distributed between open space, closed offices and meeting rooms. Members are provided with utilities, IT infrastructure, free coffee, recreation area and usage of xBox gaming console. For the outdoor minded people, there is a beautiful garden where you can grow your own vegetables. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €80 to €320.

The Loft – For a more francophone touch to your workspace, try the Loft; it offers everything you need to work in a community spirit, spread across five addresses that are both functional and pleasant (Louise, Congrès, Schuman, Parc Royal, Montgomery). Members enjoy 24/7 access, printer/scanner, meeting rooms, kitchen and lounge area. Membership fees according to your needs. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €295 to €350.

The capital of Belgium, Brussels is a grand dame and a hot spot for trendy European weekend getaways. It is the heart of European culture, headquarters for the European Union and internationally known for its sublime chocolate and libating beers. There are over 90 museums to pore over, stunning parks to saunter through and stylish restaurants and cafes to haunt. Brush up on your sexy French accent as Belgium is bilingual, having both Dutch and French in everyday speech with a miniscule smattering of German spoken.

You can get to Brussels from anywhere in Europe by train, plane and even by ferry. In comparison to Paris or London, Brussels is the cheap option. It is a mecca for shopaholics, museum addicts and comic strip book fanatics. One of the busiest cities in Europe, Belgium presents a double-sided face of contemporary nuances with age-old historical influences.

Beginning its life as a 10th Century village, Brussels has morphed into a powerhouse hub of international business where cobble stoned streets are the backdrop for towering glass corporation edifices. This in turn has created a society where one third are non-Belgian and cultural differences create a mish-mash diversity. The weather is temperamental to say the least, somewhat schizophrenic with its heat, rain and weeks of snow. Bureaucratic by nature, the Belgians love their paperwork, pretty stamps and police checks. citroen 2cv

The STIB Inspectors on the metro will scare you to death even when you have your ticket in your hand, mammoth moustache bearing marching bands will hog the roadways, outrageously quirky shop window displays will haunt your nights and the landmark statue “Mannkein Pis” will send you over the top when dressed as Elvis. For those lacking in funds on the odd occasion, you can count on a beer and a bar snack constituting as dinner for some.

The Mug | Coworking – Offices – Meeting rooms

The Mug Belgium Coworking – Offices – Meeting rooms in Brussels (cityside) and in Enghien (countryside)

Coworking brussel

Antwerpen, Mechelen of Brussel? Jij kiest!

Veel op de baan? Net een eigen onderneming op poten gezet? Of gewoon veel nood aan flexibiliteit? Onze coworking spaces zijn niet alleen het toonbeeld van inspirerend en kwalitatief kantoordesign, je vindt er ook de flexibiliteit en ruimte om efficiënt te werken.